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BRITA - Drink more water less soda (sugar)

Posted:October 01, 2015

Categories:Healthcare, Water, Wellness

This is not just an advertising with a message, but also one about our personal choices. “Brita” , the producer of water filters, wants to remind us of how much sugar is in just one can of soda? Exactly nine.

With Matthias Zentner as the director and two master-sugar-cube-sculptors from Nord Ireland: Mark Revels & Brendan Jamison, Brita created a gigantic city in the shape of an human being made completely with real sugar cubes.

The exact amount of cubes was 221,314 used in a 3 weeks work, and this is also the exact amount of sugar one person drinks in a lifetime by consuming only one soda can per day!

BRITA - SUGAR BUILDINGS from Matthias Zentner on Vimeo.