Hawai‘i 5210 Let's Go!

COVID19: What Families Can Do

Eat 5 fruits & vegetables

Watch 2 hours of screen time or less

Engage in at least 1 hour of physical activity

  • Vigorous Activity such as running​
  • Activity that strengthens muscles such as climbing or push ups
  • Activity that strengthens bones such as gymnastics or jumping rope 

Consume 0 sugary drinks - drink water


Many children do not get adequate sleep during the school year, so this is an opportune time for our children to sleep and be merry.  School age children (6-13) should aim for 9-11 hours of sleep each day according to the National Sleep Foundation.

If you are staying home to care for your children, now’s the time to nurture those relationships with your child.  Ask open-ended questions, help them to explore their interests, play board games, take a stroll together, and share family history stories that inspire.

This is a tall order for many families, let us celebrate each day step along the way.